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Book One:

Thirty One Days of Meditations With Teresa of Avila

Thoughts on Gratitude, Humility and Prayer

by Don Carroll

Why You Might Want to Pick This Free Book

The spiritual journey only occurs in interaction with life.  We deepen that journey by interacting with the inspired words of those, like Teresa of Avila, who have provided a map of the spiritual journey.  But a map is not the thing itself and so to move beyond the map to a deeper level of knowing in our lives we have to interact with the map.

We can journey by journaling.  To journal is to respond by writing, drawing, sighing, moving or in some other authentic way responding to images and inspired words about the spiritual journey so that the idea of the journey becomes our journey in experience.

Teresa’s metaphor for the spiritual journey is one of moving through different rooms of a house.  It is a wonderful metaphor because it lends concrete external form to what is otherwise an ambiguous internal process.  We all struggle at times in our spiritual journey and Teresa gives just the right handholds along the way to let us experience how to stay on our path.  No mystic who has gone before us can do it for us, but we can make Teresa our traveling companion and in the safety and security of her companionship surrender each day a little more to the process of spiritual transformation which will set us free.  Thirty One Days of Meditations With Teresa of Avila is your opportunity to begin that deeper journey.


Book Two:

Thirty One Days of Prayers

Exhortations and Dialogues of Passion from the Song of Solomon

by Don Carroll

Why You Might Want to Pick This Free Book

We have all been moved by the poetry of the wonderful Sufi mystic Rumi.  Some are surprised to learn that in the Christian tradition a similar inspiration of erotic longing for God was written over a thousand years before Rumi’s effusive poetry was set down.  This love poetry to God is found in the Song of Solomon.  Here the divine flows like fresh pomegranate juice and the sweet fragrance of jasmine.  Spirit sparkles from all of creation and in the longing of the human heart.

For those who wish to awaken their heart center to this longing and loving that is constantly coursing through the world, who wish to feel the invisible pulse of this longing alive in their own lives, this book of payers, exhortations and dialogues of passions offers that experience.

Each day is presented in an interactive journaling format to open our spiritual journey into greater joy through the experience of the tingling sensation of spirit in matter.  The reader is invited to participate by responding in writing or drawing or by moving – first, to an image that expresses beauty, vitality and fecundity of creation, and secondly to the spirited filled words of Song of Solomon.


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