In the final installment of the Conscious Trilogy mankind is running out of time. Will Dawson has a 2000 year-old tooth talk to him and travels deeper into the mystery of what happened in his heart when, as a young CIA officer, he first met Melissa in Afghanistan twenty years earlier. Blaine Astrid with the help of the handsome young Navajo Manuelito and his dog Ooljee escapes capture by the CIA and is putting her heart’s desire before her hacking ways.

That is until another Enneagram mystery is dropped into her lap. Aasia, a Muslim survivor of the Srebrencia rape camp, with the help of Rat and Blaine finds healing with the Sisters of the Sacred Order of Mary of Magdala. The sudden death of the Pope brings Joe Carroll kicking and screaming out of his ivory tower into full engagement with the world as the primary blogger on

Gradually the shape of the map to greater consciousness, given in the Enneagram, becomes more vivid for each character, just as quantum biology is revealing how deeply connected we all are and proving what the mystics have always alluded to — that cooperation is the key to survival and enlightenment.

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