Right Use Of The Intellect – Enneagram And 12 Steps Maps


The intellect is not the primary center of intelligence for spiritual growth, but it is very important. The intellect can help you find the right map for you to determine where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. The two most powerful maps available for humankind within the past century are the map of understanding of nine basic patters of how our human motivations work provided by the Enneagram and the practical pattern of spiritual growth derived from all great religions distilled in the 12 Steps.

9and12The 9 and 12 Workbook 

The purpose of this site is not to provide in-depth insight into the Enneagram or the 12 Steps. There are many great sites that already do this. However, there is very little available that distills the ways these two paths overlap and augment each other. The 9and12 Workbook provides this resource for you.

lawyersguideA Lawyer’s Guide To Healing 

Descriptive Essays about problems we face, don’t solve the underlying problem, but can be very helpful. An intellectual understanding of how to address our problems can be a wonderful balm which gives hope and inspiration to do what is needed.