Right Use of Imagination

Right Use of the Imagination is found in exploring the three novels that make up the The Consciousness Trilogy. The Consciousness Trilogy — the underlying idea in these three novels is that we all have a gene which when expressed creates the neurological platform for greater consciousness. Each novel stands on its own. But the characters remain the same in an unfolding journey to discover how the consciousness gene is expressed.



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Hacking Toward Consciousness 

The first novel in the trilogy is a multi-layered suspense story, weaving intricate subplots about a hacker and her work for a biblical scholar studying the years of Jesus’ life about which the Gospels are silent, a wealthy businessman’s search for his estranged daughter, and a former CIA agent’s search for the truth about his lover’s disappearance. In the process the novel teaches us about the mysteries of the Enneagram, an ancient spiritual tool for the development of consciousness, and how consciousness is expressed.


The End Of Democracy 

In the second installment of the Consciousness Trilogy, the action continues with Will Dawson on the run from the CIA, his former employer, while the CIA hopes he will lead them to the elusive Melissa Dowling. Secret research on psychic development is being conducted in Antarctica. A young Navajo named Manuelito and his dog Ooljee have their own intuitive gifts to share. Ex-hacker Blaine Astrid’s journey toward healing and wholeness deepens as she finds friendship with Aasia, a refugee from the Srebrenica genocide, and private eye Gordon Slade has a case of love for Joy the librarian. The backdrop for all this is a political system that has gone way off course with money, not the human being, at its center.


The Armageddon Choice —

In the final installment of the Conscious Trilogy mankind is running out of time. Will Dawson has a 2000 year-old tooth talk to him and travels deeper into the mystery of what happened in his heart when, as a young CIA officer, he first met Melissa in Afghanistan twenty years earlier. Blaine Astrid with the help of the handsome young Navajo Manuelito and his dog Ooljee escapes capture by the CIA and is putting her heart’s desire before her hacking ways. Gradually the shape of the map to greater consciousness, given in the Enneagram, becomes more vivid for each character, just as quantum biology is revealing how deeply connected we all are and proving what the mystics have always alluded to — that cooperation is the key to survival and enlightenment.


King Arthur and the Consciousness Gene

Not connected directly to the trilogy, the fourth novel continues to explore the nature and meaning of consciousness by stepping back in time into the life of King Arthur. We learn how King Arthur held the tension of both Celtic Christianity and Roman Christianity and how this brought a peaceful reign to Britain that would not occur again for centuries. We travel with Arthur when he was grievously wounded in battle to the very real and very mystical isle of Ynys Enlli off the Welsh coast. We discover how during the second half of King Arthur’s life he not only gave up the crown of Britain but also his vision of his own life, and see how once he had done that he received more than he could have hoped for. Explore with King Arthur the mystery of the greatest collection of standing stones on the coast of Brittany and the role they played in his finding his purpose.

The Beguines and The Search for the Visionary Consciousness: “The Soul Who Lives Without a Why”

One day, Davey is a post-modern hunter gatherer criss-crossing the reservation on his vintage Indian motorcycle foraging for cheap liquor and soup kitchen hand-outs, a Vietnam vet with undiagnosed PTSD, whose life is fated to go no where. A few months later, after a blood vessel explodes in the left side of his brain, Davey finds himself in a Convent in northern Sweden where a group of dedicated women are trying to understand the nature of consciousness in order to save the planet. They want to answer the question of whether visionary experiences may help set up the brain’s biological platform for awakened consciousness….