Question: The novel refers to Twelve Levels of Spiritual Development: Is there some published description of these steps? I’m familiar with Ken Wilber’s work and the Riso/Hudson nine stages, and the book Putting on the Mind of Christ, but nothing beyond that?

Answer: The three steps beyond the traditional Riso Hudson nine stages are a synthesis of a number of sources that talk about the supra levels of consciousness which are expressed biblically as different levels in the heavenly realms. I am not trying to map these esoteric levels in an academic sense but as the three novels unfold give readers some idea of the feel and shape of these higher consciousness levels. For those who are at these levels an attempt at a description of them is simply uninteresting and not helpful. For those not at these levels, articulating too definitively the meaning of the levels simply provides an idea to attach to, which also is not helpful.

Question: Energy control and Mind Control: While these ideas have been around a long time, and even in popular culture (Movie: Men who talk to goats), I never associated them with the Enneagram. What is the connection? The energy and mind control focus seems to relate to controlling the outside world, rather than deepening our relation with our inner spirit. So it was surprising to me that the character Melissa was “mastering” these skills at the apex of spiritual awareness.

Answer: The Enneagram is a map of our energy patterns, our motivations and how our energy flows in our coping strategy to keep us from experiencing a feeling of disconnection from essence (each type has a little different way this is experienced). So development of consciousness is all about understanding the energy patterns of the false self of our type and not letting those patterns run us. Once we disengage from those patterns then we can begin experiencing the energy patterns of others (because our own automatic pattern is not operating) and it is only a short jump from reading their energy patterns to know what their thinking is which is driven by their type’s false self energy patterns. So it is not about controlling the outside world (though the CIA doesn’t get this) but being freed enough from our automatic energy patterns that we can read those outside of us. This is the terrain Melissa is on in her spiritual journey in the first novel.

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