Gordan Slade, a private eye on a case with a cagey client.  Blaine Astrid, computer hacker and research assistant for a professor seeking the latest in biblical scholarship.  William Dawson, searching for his lost love whose valuable psychic abilities may have caused her disappearance.   Father Charles Hay, whose knowledge of the human soul makes him wary of the power of his own authority.  All collide, with daring conclusions, as they enter uncharted frontiers, exploring hidden scriptures, biblical conundrums, and the Enneagram of Jesus.  The vulnerability and longings of the characters in their search for truth and intimacy mirror our own yearnings and suspicions in a post-millennial age of technology.  Written with sensitivity and wisdom, it is a provocative perspective on the possibility of faith in our time.



“Hacking Toward Consciousness” is a multi-layered tale.  It is a suspense story, weaving intricate subplots about a hacker and her work for a biblical scholar studying the years of Jesus’ life about which the Gospels are silent, a wealthy businessman’s search for his estranged daughter, and a former CIA agent’s search for the truth about his lover’s disappearance.  At a deeper level, the novel teachers us about the Enneagram, an ancient spiritual tool for the development of consciousness.  This rich novel is one to read and re-read.

– Reita Pendry, Author of China White